As a budding Reiki practitioner, I needed something to help me to structure my time – quietly and gently, without disturbing or distracting either myself or my patient. Being at the same time an App Developer by trade, I decided to create an app for that.

This website is my way of sharing my findings and questions on the way to a perfect Reiki Timer with the Reiki community.

In the beginning, all I wanted from the app was to contain a list of standard hand positions and to give me a signal when the time allocated for a position is over. As I continued my studies with Tina at Absolute Reiki, a fixed list of standard hand positions became less important. Still, even when you are treating intuitively, most often you need to have an idea of time, and not always you have a clock in front of you.

I believe that Reiki Time can be useful for a Reiki practitioner of any level.

If you are a beginner, you will appreciate the app’s ability to read aloud the label assigned to each step of the schedule. You might find useful the standard list of hand positions that comes with the app, or you can modify that list to your liking.

If you are a Reiki Master, you might create a simple schedule to remind you where you are in terms of time, perhaps assigning different sounds to different stages. You can also switch on vibration, put the phone into your pocket, and then Reiki Time will work for you very quietly, without disturbing anyone.

The plan is to create several versions of the app for different popular mobile platforms. The first version is going to be for iPhone, just because this is my main platform. Here is how the iPhone app looks, and you can find detailed instructions on how to use it on a dedicated iOS page:

Main screen of Reiki Time

Main screen of Reiki Time